Mac Motion Chairs

About Us

Mac Motion has been a leading innovator in the seating industry since it entered the market over two decades ago. Founder and CEO Butch McCracken has worked in the furniture business since the ‘70s, and the company is a family affair, with Butch’s son overseeing all company sales. This father-son duo has worked tirelessly to create a company with integrity, high quality products and superb customer service.

Our family has grown over the years by hiring employees who all have a desire to sell the highest quality furniture and accessories to consumers in North America. We are ready to welcome you into our home, just as we hope you’ll welcome us into yours.

Over the decades Mac has worked to create and improve the newest products for consumers. In the early ‘90s Butch helped the newly patented Relax-R gliders take the American market by storm. The chair was characterized by its unique performance with full glide motion and most importantly, unparalleled comfort. Butch, along with his son Tony, created what is now known as Mac Motion Chairs just a few years later. Using connections from their years of experience in the industry, they found both distributors and manufacturers to bring their ideas to life.

What started as a family business centered around one key product has now grown to a nationally recognized company that has created multiple lines of inventive seating to compliment any individual’s taste or style. With three manufacturing facilities abroad and a full staff devoted to superior quality and customer service excellence, we require the expected Mac Motion character in every created model and sales associate alike. Each factory focuses on research and development to ensure that we constantly stay ahead of trends and technologies, providing purchasers with plenty of forward-thinking Euro-Style designs.

Mac assures the designs that adapt to individual body chemistry are consistent in each product sold, as to never compromise the comfort factor that put us on the map in the first place. Our own CEO believes in our products so much that he has one in his office and home. He is sure to test new products in both locations for at least 60 days, assuring that both longevity and quality are characteristics that define each product that leaves our warehouse. You’re family too, and family doesn’t let family have uncomfortable seating in their homes.

As for the future of Mac, there is no where to go but up. Attention to dealer and consumer support, quality control, and being one step ahead of our competition are all factors that will continue to put Mac Motion Chairs above the rest. Creating products that will push the status quo and deliver value to customers, just like the Relax-R did many years ago, is always our aim.

The overall goal at Mac Motion Chairs is to ensure consumers have a positive experience with any Mac purchase. Other companies make furniture; We focus on crafting the best of the best chairs, ottomans, and accessories to better serve you and the ones you love.

Which is why the industry still considers us the…